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You can deploy kubenav into your Kubernetes cluster via Helm:

helm repo add kubenav
helm repo update

kubectl create namespace kubenav
helm upgrade --install --namespace kubenav kubenav kubenav/kubenav


Value Description Default
replicaCount Number of replicas which should be created. 1
image.repository The repository of the Docker image. kubenav/kubenav
image.tag The tag of the Docker image which should be used. 3.3.0
image.pullPolicy The pull policy for the Docker image, IfNotPresent
imagePullSecrets Secrets which can be used to pull the Docker image. []
nameOverride Expand the name of the chart. ""
fullnameOverride Override the name of the app. ""
deployment.mode Set the mode how kubenav should be deployed. This must be incluster or kubeconfig. incluster
deployment.kubeconfig When the kubeconfig mode is used. This must be a base64 encoded Kubeconfig file. ""
plugins.prometheus.enabled Enables the Prometheus plugin. false
plugins.prometheus.address The address of Prometheus. http://prometheus.monitoring.svc.cluster.local:9090
plugins.prometheus.username The username for Prometheus. ""
plugins.prometheus.password The password for Prometheus. ""
plugins.prometheus.dashboardsNamespace The namespace which is used for Prometheus dashboards. kubenav
plugins.elasticsearch.enabled Enables the Elasticsearch plugin. false
plugins.elasticsearch.address The address of Elasticsearch. http://elasticsearch.logging.svc.cluster.local:9200
plugins.elasticsearch.username The username for Elasticsearch. ""
plugins.elasticsearch.password The password for Elasticsearch. ""
plugins.jaeger.enabled Enables the Jaeger plugin. false
plugins.jaeger.address The address of Jaeger. http://jaeger-query.tracing.svc.cluster.local:16686
plugins.jaeger.username The username for Jaeger. ""
plugins.jaeger.password The password for Jaeger. ""
rbac.create Create the cluster role and cluster role binding. true The name of the cluster role and cluster role binding, which should be created/used by kubenav. kubenav The permissions which kubenav should have. This must be admin or viewer. admin
serviceAccount.create Create the service account. true
serviceAccount.annotations Additional annotations for the service account. true The name of the service account, which should be created/used by kubenav. kubenav
podSecurityContext Security context for the kubenav pod. {}
securityContext Security context for the kubenav container. {}
service.type Type of the service which is created. ClusterIP
service.port Port of the service which is created. 14122
ingress.enabled Create an ingress. false
ingress.annotations Additional annotations for the ingress. {}
ingress.hosts Hosts for the ingress. []
ingress.tls TLS configuration for the ingress. []
resources Set resources for the operator. {}
nodeSelector Set a node selector. {}
tolerations Set tolerations. []
affinity Set affinity. {}


Each contribution to kubenav is welcome. If you make changes to the Helm chart you have to bump the version in the helm/Chart.yaml file. Then a new version of the Helm chart is automatically published when your PR is merged into the master branch.

When you add a new value to the helm/values.yaml file, please also adjust the documentation.