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The Jaeger plugin is used to find traces from Jaeger within kubenav. The plugin allows you to connect your resources with Jaeger services.

The plugin can be enabled in the Settings for the mobile and desktop version. To use the plugin in the web version you have to set the --plugin.jaeger.enabled flag. A detailed explanation of the each setting and the required command-line flags can be found in the respective documentation:

Jaeger Overview


You can add an annotation to your resources, to define Jaeger Traces within these resources. The traces can be defined via the annotation.

The annotation requires a JSON array, where each item in the array can use the following fields:

Field Description Default Value
title A title for the defined trace. Required
service Service to get traces for. Required
operation The operation for which the traces should be retrieved. When this isn't provided traces are retrieved for all operations.
tags Filter traces by tags, for example http.status_code=200 error=true
lookback Time to lookback for traces. The value must be a valid Go duration (ParseDuration). 1h
maxDuration Maximum duration for a trace, for example 100ms.
minDuration Minimum duration for a trace, for example 100ms.
limit Number of traces, which are returned. 20

An annotation to get all traces for a service named details.bookinfo, can look as follows:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  annotations: '[{"title": "Traces for details.bookinfo", "service": "details.bookinfo"}]'
    app: bookinfo
  name: details-v1-1520924117-48z17
  namespace: bookinfo

Jaeger Details