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If you are using an OIDC provider to manage the access to your Kubernetes cluster, you can configure this in the OIDC Provider section within the Add Clusters modal:

Value Description
Discovery URL The url for your OIDC provider.
Client ID A valid client id for your OIDC provider.
Client Secret A valid client secret for your OIDC provider.
Certificate Authority If your OIDC provider uses a self signed certificate, you must provide this certificate. This field is optional for OIDC providers without a self signed certificate.
Refresh Token You can provide a valid refresh token to skip the login process. This field is optional. If the field isn't provided you will be redirected to your OIDC provider to get a refresh token.


You must allow as a valid redirect url in the settings of your OIDC provider.

When the login process within your OIDC provider is finished, you have to provide the details of your Kubernetes cluster:

Value Description
Name The name of the cluster, how it will be displayed in kubenav.
Server The URL of the Kubernetes API server.
Certificate Authority Data The certificate of the Kubernetes API server. This can be the base64 encoded value or the plain certificate.
Insecure Skip TLS Verify If you haven't a certificate for the server, you can enabled the insecure mode, to skip the TLS verification.