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You can also import a Kubeconfig file to add a new cluster to the kubenav app.

Value Description
Kubeconfig The content of your Kubeconfig file. You can copy and paste the content of the file into this Input field or you can select the file via the Select Kubeconfig button.

Make sure that your Kubeconfig file does not contains paths to the certificate. Instead it should contain the base64 encoded certificate. For example: When your Kubeconfig file has a field certificate-authority with the path to a certificate, you have to replace this field with certificate-authority-data and the base64 encoded value of the certificate.


Make sure that the Kubeconfig file only contains clusters and users, which are not using a Cloud Provider or OIDC for the cluster access. The import for such Kubeconfig files will fail. Please use one of the available Cloud Providers to import such clusters.