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kubenav provides multiple settings, to customize the look and usage of the app.


Setting Description Values Default
Theme Set the theme which should be used for kubenav. System, Dark, Light System
Request Timeout (in seconds) The maximum time in seconds for a request. 10 - 120 60
Terminal Font Size (in px) The font size for the terminal. 8 - 48 12
Terminal Scrollback (in lines) The maximum number of lines to scrollback in the terminal. 1000 - 50000 10000
Enable Pod Metrics Enables or disables the metrics for Pods in list views. true, false true
Limit The maximum number of items which can be queried per request. 100 - 1000 100
Refresh Interval (in seconds) The interval in which the data of views is refreshed. 30 - 600 300


Setting Description Default
Port The port, which should be used for the SSH connection. 22
Private Key The private key, which should be used for the SSH connection.
User The name of the user, which should be used for the SSH connection.


Setting Description Default
Enabled Enables or disables the Prometheus plugin. false
Namespace The namespace, where Prometheus is running. monitoring
Selector The selector, which matches the Prometheus Pod. app=prometheus
Port The port, where the Prometheus API is exposed. 9090


Setting Description
Enabled When the proxy setting is enabled, all requests are using the configured proxy.
Address The address of the proxy.